• Education / Math

  Karnaugh Minimizer - is a program for developers of small digital devices, radio amateurs, electrical engineering students and others interested in Boolean algebra.
The program allows you to:

  • Minimize boolean function
    from 4 up to 8 variables
    by a graphic method of Karnaugh maps.
  • Generate NAND schematic from results.
  • Pro edition also include :
  • Convert boolean function to VHDL/Verilog code.(unique feature)
  • Quine Mc Cluskey algorithm, handle from 9 up to 23 variables.
  • And many more useful features...

Karnaugh Minimizer website
Karnaugh Minimizer

  • File management / Total Commander

    Plugins pack for Total Commander file manager, is a powerful set of addons that turns your file manager into neat workplace for the real Macromedia web developer.

  • With this tools you will be able to view SWF, FLV movies, browse swf's as thumbnails, extract MP3, JPG resources, view/extract files from MXP packages, search swf files by fp version, resolution, etc. sort swf movies by header info, multi rename capability, and many more features.

  • Even if you are user of Directory Opus 8, we have something interesting for you
    SWF Helper - viewer plugin for Directory Opus 8, view *.swf as thumbnails :)
Total Commander plugins pack
Total Commander plugins pack
  • Internet / Email clients
  Pigleon mailer is a powerful back office tool for independent software vendors
  • Email client for Micro-ISV's
  • All-In-One solution
  • Portability, works out of USB drive, no registry use, no special runtime dll's is required
  • Incredible configure ability
  • Whole Shareware business is in your pocket!
Whole shareware business is in your pocket!
Pigleon mailer


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